Why I started The Bikers Corner

The pleasure I experience riding my bike makes me so happy that I love to share it with everyone who shares the same passion as I do. That's how I came up with the idea to start the Facebook page The Bikers Corner. Every day a statement, a quote or a joke that applies to the life of the real biker.

After I had managed that page for over a year, the thought arose that I wanted to do more with it. That's how I came up with the idea of making a small selection from all those statements, quotes and jokes and had them printed on T-shirts.

I’m wearing these T-shirts now for over more than 2 years and people keep asking where they could buy them and I keep saying, "Unfortunately they are not for sale, I made them for myself.”

But on the other hand I thought "WTF? Why not?"

So, my question to you is; Would you buy one if you could? If you have any questions and / or suggestions, please contact me at info@thebikerscorner.com

Please let me know if you would wear one and in the mean time, drive safely, keep your rubber on the road and who knows I might see you one day wearing a T-shirt from The Bikers Corner.

Hans Belt


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