Hi, my name is Hans and I am the founder, inventor, owner, chief executive, and in fact I don't know what kind of title I should come up with so stick to the one and only title I earned without having to spend anything for it do and that is; BIKERGRANDPA.

On this page you will find funny stories, anecdotes, things that need to be put right because in the media, or anywhere else, things are misrepresented, etc. etc.. Everything is about motorcycles and their riders.

If you have read an article of which you think, "Huh???" or "That's really not true", feel free to contact us at

  • Harley Day Breda tour 2021
    Harley Day Breda tour 2021

    September 2nd, 2021

    The other day I joined up with some friends - as I call it - the Harley Dag Breda tour ride. About 150 bikers on (mostly) Harley's who formed an elongated string of roaring bikes through West Brabant and the…

  • The Sorrow of Gouda
    The Sorrow of Gouda

    July 4, 2021

    Sometime in May of this year, while scrolling through Facebook, I come across a post with a picture of two men and a lady. It looked like they have something to celebrate and I immediately recognized the houses on…

  • Bikers are criminals, aren't they?
    Bikers are criminals, aren't they?

    June 19th, 2021

    If you follow the media, you can't deny that the Dutch government is busy portraying all bikers in this country as looting, raping and dope-dealing dangerous criminals. This irritates me a lot because if you don't…


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